What do Sash Windows Cost?

Sash Windows Prices Guide OnlineWell, that depends on a lot of different things such as:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Double or single hung
  • Timber
  • uPVC
  • Coloured uPVC or white
  • trickle vents / cills / furniture

and the list can go on for a bit longer too.

So what we are trying to put forward here is that sash windows cant easily be priced as a general product because there is so much variation on what you could get for your money.

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The only sure way to find out how much a sash window costs is to have your project measured by a professional who will then create a quotation based on your specific requirements.

As a rough guide, you can expect to pay more for timber sash windows than for upvc (if they are the same size) and if you need a window that is more than 2400 wide by 1500 mm high, you will probably have to have them specially built for the job.

In the meanwhile, so that you have an idea of cost there is a price guide here: upvcwindowsfitted.co.uk

Sash Windows Prices Guide Online
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