How much does it cost to replace my front door?

What about the cost of a new front door?This is another one of those questions that is a favourite to ask. Whether you will do it yourself or get a professional firm to do the job, the first thing to do is to measure up the door that is going to be replaced.

Once you know the dimensions of the door, you can then look to start deciding what the door is going to be made out of and what the general appearance of the door s going to be.

A standard door in the UK is going to be either 6ft 6ins x either 2 ft 9ins or 2ft 6ins – give or take 2 inches that you could probably make up by padding the frame, anything over this size is going to be a bespoke build or maybe you could use glazed side panels.

Your material choice is going to make a difference to the price, because a softwood front door is going to be the cheapest and at the top of the range would be composite or aluminium front doors Рread more:

What about the cost of a new front door?
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