March 11, 2010

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Recipe Look First Birthday Competition


Recipe Look is one year old this month, and to celebrate we are holding a competition! Send in your Hottest Recipe and win these hot vintage salt and pepper shakers!

We are expecting hot stuff from you, and that means either literally, involving all sorts of spices, or it could be a dish linked to the hottest moment of your life. The theme is hot, whatever that means to you. In any case, send a little written anecdote along with your drawings, or better yet make the story part of your drawing, and it might help win you some votes.

That’s right, votes. We invite all our viewers to comment on the recipes they like the most, and give a reason why you think it should win this excellent prize. Amelie and Tom (that’s us) will go through the comments at the end and decide the winner. You have until the 31st of April to submit your recipe to us, so happy drawing.




  • Iveth said on March 14, 2010


  • Sally said on March 15, 2010

    That’s exciting. What a great prize!

  • krysalia said on March 16, 2010

    i’m still finishing my recipe of banana pie, but is it possible to send it in the meantime or is this month only dedicated to hot recipes ?

  • Tom said on March 17, 2010

    Hi. No, please send in anything you like. The competition will run at the same time as everything else.

    That’s a good thought though, I will add something to the competition text to make that clear.

    (in fact, I have just done that, haven’t I…)

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